Safe At Home

As many of you know, Mayor Strickland issued a “Safe at Home” decree that goes into effect tonight at midnight. The decree will remain in effect through April 7th. Many businesses have been asked to close during this time to help stem the spread of the Corona virus. However, some businesses have been deemed essential by the government and will remain open. Auto repair facilities such as Mattei’s Garage are on the list, and we will remain open. For a complete list of essential services, please click here.

How We Can Help

Obviously, things our very fluid, but we plan to work our regular business hours. In addition, we are prepared to accommodate anyone who is reluctant to leave their home. For example, we are more than happy to pick up your car and bring it here for work. We will also deliver it back to you once we are done. We are also asking those who come by not to come into the shop. Instead, we will come out to you. This will help us comply with social distancing recommendations from the CDC. Lastly, we also have an Uber account and can accommodate those who can get their car here but need help getting home.

We all need to pull together as we deal with the inconvenience that the Corona virus has created. We are praying that the measures by the government will slow the spread of infections, and we are here to help anyone we can if that makes life a little less stressful. Lastly, we are open to any suggestions you might have that improves our service. If you have questions, or are in need of any help, please call us directly at 901.683.3158. You can also go to our website for more information about our business and list of services we provide. If we are unavailable and you need a tow, call Null’s Towing at 901.383.2214. Current customers should use our roadside service by calling 800.457.0019. Click here for our full warranty details.

The Right to Repair

We have recently witnessed some confusion on the part of our customers regarding warranty issues and their repair rights.  Questions arise about who can perform repairs or maintenance, primarily if the vehicle is under a factory warranty.  Some people are under the misperception that the dealer must perform maintenance and routine repairs on their vehicle.  The implication is unethical and possibly illegal.

As a reminder, the warranty is a promise by a new car manufacturer to perform certain repairs on their products.  Warranties cover the vehicle against manufacturers defects for 3 years or 36,000 miles.  Factory warranties should not be confused with extended warranties.  Extended warranties are insurance contracts that provide coverage for all types of car repairs.  They supplement the new car warranty, and vary by provider and vehicle make and model. Most any shop will honor an extended warranty policy.  Nevertheless, a dealer must honor the manufacturers warranty, no matter who does repairs and maintenance.

Aftermarket parts will not impact the warranty contract either.  For example, if the factory belt breaks, it doesn’t have to be replaced with a factory part.  A Gates Belt is designed and manufactured to the factory specifications.  They are excellent products and used by many shops, including ours.

In conclusion, you have the right to have anyone repair your vehicle.

  • Whether your car is new or old, aftermarket parts are excellent replacement for factory parts.
  • Independent shops can provide expertise on par with dealerships, and in some cases can provide better service.

So don’t let anyone convince you that you have to go to a dealership for repairs.  YOU HAVE RIGHTS AND YOU HAVE A CHOICE.

For further information, the Auto Care Association has some excellent information about Right to Repair and the impact it will have on evolving technology like telematics.  Also, for information about routine maintenance, aftermarket parts and warranties, the following link provides some thoughts from the Federal Trade Commission.

Why Pay For a Diagnosis On My Car?

Those Pesky Diagnostic Fees

One of the more common questions we are asked is, “can you waive my diagnostic charge if I let you repair my vehicle?” Unfortunately, the answer is no. Many of our customers are unsure why we charge the fee.  Simply put, the fee pays for the technicians time, experience and knowledgeThe Crux of the Matter

The Cruz of the Matter

The next step is the most critical and lies at the heart of the diagnosis. Once the codes are removed from the computer, our technicians use their knowledge and experience to diagnose the problem. This can be relatively involved and time consuming.  This is primarily what is covered by the diagnostic fee.  Once that is completed,  we can provide an estimate for any necessary repairs. Again, pulling the codes from the computer does not equate to a diagnosis.  We will perform that step at no charge.

Fix The Car, But Drop the Charge 

You might ask, “why do some shops choose to drop their fee?” Studies have shown that they don’t actually drop the fee, but include it in the labor portion of any recommended repairs. This doesn’t happen in every case, but we believe that it happens in most cases. We would rather remain transparent with our customers so they know exactly what they are paying for and why.

Warranty and Repair
So, the next time you have to pay for a diagnosis for your car repair, remember that the charge is paying for something important.  Additionally, Mattei’s Garage will provide a warranty for the diagnosis. That means you aren’t liable for the work we if we do not diagnose your problem correctly.

So, if your cars starts acting up, or the check engine light pops on, don’t stress.  Just call Mattei’s Garage!  We are open from 8-6 Monday through Friday, and can solve most all your car problems.

No Ordinary Service

When you are searching for “auto repair Memphis” when its time to have your oil changed, look no further than Mattei’s Garage, where our service is exceptional!  We have been serving the Memphis community since 1972.  We attribute our longevity to, among other things, our focus on exceptional service.  Whether you are in need of basic our more critical auto repair, we can help.

Most of our competitors focus on factory maintenance schedules when they change your oil.  However, we provide extra service of  your vehicle in addition to referencing factory recommendations.  In other words, we changing the oil is just part of our service.  We actually perform a multipoint inspection that others do not.  That’s why our oil service takes about an hour as opposed to a 20 minute oil change.  In fact, many of the things we check are covered in a 25,000 or 50,000 mile maintenance cycle.  We do these things each time we perform an oil service.  However, the cost is about what others might charge for an oil change.

So, when its time for your next oil change, don’t take a chance searching for auto repair Memphis or auto repair near me, just call Mattei’s Garage.  Lastly, for a complete list of the services we provide just click here

We can be reached by calling 901-683-3158 or on the web at


When the check engine light appears on your dash, lots of anxiety can build as you wonder “what is happening with my car?”  The prospect of an arduous trip to the dealership, or a visit to the local parts store for check engine light service will only add to your frustration.  Mattei’s Garage can handle these issues for you.  Additionally, we will make it seamless so you will understand what, if any problems you might face.  Most problems that illuminate the check engine light could be minor.  The following link provides some detailed information about what could be wrong with the car: Check Engine Light Causes.

When you visit us for check engine light service, we will answer several questions that others may not, and, the check engine service is always performed at no charge.  Once we retreive the codes from your car’s computer, we can provide some insight as to what, if anything may be wrong with your vehicle.  If necessary, we will be happy to diagnose your problem, and provide any necessary repair your vehicle might require.  Parts retailers cannot do that.  Don’t forget that they sell parts, we provide services to repair your car.

So, the next time you notice our check engine light come on, just call or drop by for our check engine light service and we will be happy to help you.  In addition to this service, we provide all type of basic automotive repair in Memphis, and we have been doing so since 1972.

Remembering a simpler time.  Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.

For further reading and more pictures, click the link:  A Road Trip with Retro Charm


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Nextdoor Favorite!


It’s official, Mattei’s Garage is a winner because you, our neighboors and customers, has said so! Consequently, only 1% of all businesses win this award, and Mattei’s Garage is one of them.  We are grateful that you think of us for your automobile repair needs.  We believe that our service and maintenance is second to none, and certainly, our customers agree.  Call Mattei’s Garage with questions about your vehicle at 901-683-3158, or just come on over.  We are in the neighboorhood.



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Proper maintenance of your tires will help to increase their life along with ensure proper driving safety.  Worn or improperly inflated tires can affect safety and fuel economy.  The following procedures should be performed regularly to properly maintain your tires:

Inflation – Your tires should be inflated to the proper pressure, which is typically listed on the door frame of the driver’s door.  If the proper pressure is not listed, inflating to 36-38 PSI is satisfactory.  If tires are over or under inflated, the will not wear properly and could affect the driving performance and safety

Rotate and Balance – Tires should be rotated AND balanced regularly.  We recommend doing this every other oil service (about 8,000 miles).  Failure to do so can shorten tire life.  Note that just performing a rotation is not satisfactory.  It is important to balance the tires as well.  You should balance your tires whenever you get a new tire, or remount a tire that has been removed for any reason

Inspection – It is important to inspect your tires regularly to insure they aren’t worn or rotten.  Driving on worn or rotten tires can be dangerous, especially at highway speeds.  A blow out can cause severe damage to your vehicle, even if you aren’t involved in an accident.  Tire inspection is part of our basic oil service and we perform a tire inspection each time we service your vehicle.  Please contact us regarding our oil service or if you have concerns about your tires or your vehicle.   You can call #Matteisgarage at 901-683-3158 or email

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