No Ordinary Service

When you are searching for “auto repair Memphis” when its time to have your oil changed, look no further than Mattei’s Garage, where our service is exceptional!  We have been serving the Memphis community since 1972.  We attribute our longevity to, among other things, our focus on exceptional service.  Whether you are in need of basic our more critical auto repair, we can help.

Most of our competitors focus on factory maintenance schedules when they change your oil.  However, we provide extra service of  your vehicle in addition to referencing factory recommendations.  In other words, we changing the oil is just part of our service.  We actually perform a multipoint inspection that others do not.  That’s why our oil service takes about an hour as opposed to a 20 minute oil change.  In fact, many of the things we check are covered in a 25,000 or 50,000 mile maintenance cycle.  We do these things each time we perform an oil service.  However, the cost is about what others might charge for an oil change.

So, when its time for your next oil change, don’t take a chance searching for auto repair Memphis or auto repair near me, just call Mattei’s Garage.  Lastly, for a complete list of the services we provide just click here

We can be reached by calling 901-683-3158 or on the web at

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