AC Season is approaching fast!

It may only be April, but A/C season is just around the corner.  Don’t wait for the dog days of summer to have your system checked.  Refrigerant prices are on the rise and space is limited.  So, call Mattei’s Garage to schedule and A/C service.  We can be reached Monday through Friday at 901-683-3158.  To learn more about our AC Service,  click here.   Lastly, for some basic information on how the system works, see this article at How Stuff Works.

In the Market for a New Used Vehicle?

Looking for a used vehicle?  Expect used car prices to continue to fall.  Industry sources say that rising interest rates are leading to higher repossessions.  These factors will lead to greater used car inventories and consequently, lower prices.

Easter and Passover

We at Mattei’s Garage would like to express our gratefulness to all our customers.  Its more important than ever to be with our family and friends during this challenging time.  We will be closing this Friday, April 10th in celebration of Passover and Easter.  We will reopen on Monday, April 13th, and operate our regular business hours.

Lastly, Mattei’s would like to wish God’s blessing and peace on everyone of you.  Have a happy Passover and happy Easter.


The Right to Repair

We have recently witnessed some confusion on the part of our customers regarding warranty issues and their repair rights.  Questions arise about who can perform repairs or maintenance, primarily if the vehicle is under a factory warranty.  Some people are under the misperception that the dealer must perform maintenance and routine repairs on their vehicle.  The implication is unethical and possibly illegal.

As a reminder, the warranty is a promise by a new car manufacturer to perform certain repairs on their products.  Warranties cover the vehicle against manufacturers defects for 3 years or 36,000 miles.  Factory warranties should not be confused with extended warranties.  Extended warranties are insurance contracts that provide coverage for all types of car repairs.  They supplement the new car warranty, and vary by provider and vehicle make and model. Most any shop will honor an extended warranty policy.  Nevertheless, a dealer must honor the manufacturers warranty, no matter who does repairs and maintenance.

Aftermarket parts will not impact the warranty contract either.  For example, if the factory belt breaks, it doesn’t have to be replaced with a factory part.  A Gates Belt is designed and manufactured to the factory specifications.  They are excellent products and used by many shops, including ours.

In conclusion, you have the right to have anyone repair your vehicle.

  • Whether your car is new or old, aftermarket parts are excellent replacement for factory parts.
  • Independent shops can provide expertise on par with dealerships, and in some cases can provide better service.

So don’t let anyone convince you that you have to go to a dealership for repairs.  YOU HAVE RIGHTS AND YOU HAVE A CHOICE.

For further information, the Auto Care Association has some excellent information about Right to Repair and the impact it will have on evolving technology like telematics.  Also, for information about routine maintenance, aftermarket parts and warranties, the following link provides some thoughts from the Federal Trade Commission.

Regular Service A Necessity

When you chose a local car service facility for your maintenance and repair, be certain they are checking your vehicle thoroughly.  It is hard to find issues during a 15-20 minute oil change, because there just isn’t enough time.  Our techs check for problems, and then employ the proper fixes.  A few of the things we always inspect include:

  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Fluids
  • Filters
  • Battery
  • Shock and Struts
  • Belts and Hoses

We look at all these systems in addition to replacing the engine oil and filter as part of our basic maintenance.  This kind of work cannot be completed during a typical 20 minute oil change.  So, instead of searching for “a shop near me,” the next time your car needs maintenance, just call Mattei’s @901.683.3158

A/C Service Reminder


With the temps in Memphis on the rise, its a good time to have #Matteisgarage service your A/C.  Let us service your A/C system before May 31, 2017 and get a $25 Visa gift card.  You can call at 901.683.3158 or stop by for more details.  Its that simple!



Service by Mattei’s

Mattei’s are here, give us a call to schedule your next service with us, we can deal with any and all services and repairs. Have a great weekend! Call us on: 901 683 3158 #matteisgarage 

Taste of Jubilee 2017

Please join us for the 13th Annual Taste of Jubilee this Friday, April 21, 2017 at Minglewood Hall. Indulge in cuisine prepared by many of Memphis’ finest restaurants.  Additionally, we will provide live entertainment from The Deftonz, a wine and liquor pull, an open bar and silent auction. Tickets are $85 in advance and $95 at the door.

Preventative Maintenance

While a last minute checkup is better than no checkup, motorists should plan ahead to allow time to perform necessary maintenance themselves or at the local service facility. A properly maintained vehicle is safer and more dependable and will even save a few dollars at the gas pumps. Read more here:

Mattei’s are here for all auto maintenance and repairs, give us call on: 901 683 3158

Tire Service

Cold weather on the way, don’t forget to get your tires checked, call Mattei’s for your auto repairs and to schedule your next service on: 901 683 3158