Safe At Home

As many of you know, Mayor Strickland issued a “Safe at Home” decree that goes into effect tonight at midnight. The decree will remain in effect through April 7th. Many businesses have been asked to close during this time to help stem the spread of the Corona virus. However, some businesses have been deemed essential by the government and will remain open. Auto repair facilities such as Mattei’s Garage are on the list, and we will remain open. For a complete list of essential services, please click here.

How We Can Help

Obviously, things our very fluid, but we plan to work our regular business hours. In addition, we are prepared to accommodate anyone who is reluctant to leave their home. For example, we are more than happy to pick up your car and bring it here for work. We will also deliver it back to you once we are done. We are also asking those who come by not to come into the shop. Instead, we will come out to you. This will help us comply with social distancing recommendations from the CDC. Lastly, we also have an Uber account and can accommodate those who can get their car here but need help getting home.

We all need to pull together as we deal with the inconvenience that the Corona virus has created. We are praying that the measures by the government will slow the spread of infections, and we are here to help anyone we can if that makes life a little less stressful. Lastly, we are open to any suggestions you might have that improves our service. If you have questions, or are in need of any help, please call us directly at 901.683.3158. You can also go to our website for more information about our business and list of services we provide. If we are unavailable and you need a tow, call Null’s Towing at 901.383.2214. Current customers should use our roadside service by calling 800.457.0019. Click here for our full warranty details.

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