Why Pay For a Diagnosis On My Car?

Those Pesky Diagnostic Fees

One of the more common questions we are asked is, “can you waive my diagnostic charge if I let you repair my vehicle?” Unfortunately, the answer is no. Many of our customers are unsure why we charge the fee.  Simply put, the fee pays for the technicians time, experience and knowledgeThe Crux of the Matter

The Cruz of the Matter

The next step is the most critical and lies at the heart of the diagnosis. Once the codes are removed from the computer, our technicians use their knowledge and experience to diagnose the problem. This can be relatively involved and time consuming.  This is primarily what is covered by the diagnostic fee.  Once that is completed,  we can provide an estimate for any necessary repairs. Again, pulling the codes from the computer does not equate to a diagnosis.  We will perform that step at no charge.

Fix The Car, But Drop the Charge 

You might ask, “why do some shops choose to drop their fee?” Studies have shown that they don’t actually drop the fee, but include it in the labor portion of any recommended repairs. This doesn’t happen in every case, but we believe that it happens in most cases. We would rather remain transparent with our customers so they know exactly what they are paying for and why.

Warranty and Repair
So, the next time you have to pay for a diagnosis for your car repair, remember that the charge is paying for something important.  Additionally, Mattei’s Garage will provide a warranty for the diagnosis. That means you aren’t liable for the work we if we do not diagnose your problem correctly.

So, if your cars starts acting up, or the check engine light pops on, don’t stress.  Just call Mattei’s Garage!  We are open from 8-6 Monday through Friday, and can solve most all your car problems.

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