When Ford revealed a new Bullitt Mustang in the beginning of 2018, Ford Motor Company used one of the originals cars from the movie to spice up interest. Two Mustangs were used in the filming of BullittNow, that car is headed to auction.

The iconic pony car could become the most expensive Mustang ever.  Estimates suggest it could fetch in excess of $2.2 million, which would break the record for Mustang sales.

Ford’s sports car is an American Classic.  Only the Chevrolet Corvette has been around longer.  However, Chevy is trying to boost sales for its lagging Camaro by offering big discounts to Mustang owners if the swap them for Camaros.  The interest in the Bullitt Mustang suggest otherwise.  Check out the link below from Car and Driver.  The article has lots of good stuff on the Bullitt and the auctions.



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