If you don’t want to end up stranded, its important to inspect and maintain your tires as part of your regular maintenance.  Proper maintenance of your tires will help to increase their longevity, along with ensure proper driving safety. Worn or improperly inflated tires can affect safety and fuel economy. The following procedures should be performed regularly to properly maintain your tires:

  1. Inflation – Your tires should be inflated to the proper pressure, which is typically listed on the door frame of the driver’s door. If the proper pressure is not listed, inflating to 36-38 PSI is satisfactory. If tires are over or under inflated, the will not wear properly and could affect the driving performance and safety
  2. Rotate and Balance – Tires should be rotated AND balanced regularly. We recommend doing this every other oil service (about 8,000 miles). Failure to do so can shorten tire life. Note that just performing a rotation is not satisfactory. It is important to balance the tires as well. You should balance your tires whenever you get a new tire, or remount a tire that has been removed for any reason
  3. Inspection – It is important to inspect your tires regularly to insure they aren’t worn or rotten. Driving on worn or rotten tires can be dangerous, especially at highway speeds. A blow out can cause severe damage to your vehicle, even if you aren’t involved in an accident

Tire inspection is part of our basic oil service and we conduct one each time we service your vehicle. Please contact us regarding our oil service or if you have concerns about your tires or your vehicle.