Preventative Maintenance

While a last minute checkup is better than no checkup, motorists should plan ahead to allow time to perform necessary maintenance themselves or at the local service facility. A properly maintained vehicle is safer and more dependable and will even save a few dollars at the gas pumps. Read more here:

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Tire Service

Cold weather on the way, don’t forget to get your tires checked, call Mattei’s for your auto repairs and to schedule your next service on: 901 683 3158


Get out and Vote America

Make sure you Vote!….then give Mattei’s a call to schedule your next service on: 901 683 3158


The day before…

Mattei’s are here, give us a call to schedule your next service with us, we can deal with any and all services and repairs. Have a great week! Call us on: 901 683 3158


Super Friday

It’s a beautiful sunny 75c here today, give us a call and schedule your next service with us, we can deal with any and all services and repairs. Call us now on: 901 683 3158

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Shop around for Gas Prices in Memphis

It’s sometimes good to shop around for the best deals on Gas Prices these days, try this website out for the latest price comparisons in the Memphis Area:



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Never get cheated by car mechanics again (Link)

We think this article has some great advice, especially regarding maintenance. It explained why you will never see us doing $20 oil changes. Matteis OIL SERVICE is only $37.50 for most cars!

Read More here:

Good Morning Memphis

Manufacturers recommend that you get a tune up for your engine after a run of every 30,000 miles or every second year for your vehicle. Through vehicle inspection & service from experienced auto technicians at Mattei’s, your car can continue to run smoothly and even more efficiently. To schedule your next tune up or scheduled service call 901-683-3158